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Vanpool Service

Commuting in your own car driving you batty– and broke? But you don’t think the bus will work for you, either? Consider a better way to work. VIA Vanpool.

Vanpooling eliminates driving, greatly reduces gasoline and parking costs, traffic hassles, vehicle emissions– and lets you arrive at work or home more rested and relaxed. If an emergency arises and you need to go home early or work late, there’s a Guaranteed Ride Home option.

How does Vanpooling Work?

At least 6 people share the ride to work, while splitting the cost of van rental and fuel. Vans are available in 7, 12 and 15 passenger models and are rented month-to-month–so the more passengers who ride, the cheaper it is. One member of the group drives and maintains the van in return for riding free.

Put Vanpool to work for you

If you are interested in being in a Vanpool take the first step. Find out if a Vanpool is available now that matches your commuting needs by emailing Blake Berlin.Include an intersection near your home, your zip code, your work address, and your work schedule. We’ll attempt to find a vanpool match and get back to you. If there is not one currently available, you will be contacted when one might match your preferences.


If you'd like to be contacted for more information about the Vanpool service, contact the VIA Vanpool Service at (210) 362-2555 or by email. VIA will provide more information, answer any questions, and help you recruit your Vanpool group.

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