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Innovation and Planning

Our Transportation Future

Our city's transportation future is moving forward in an exciting way. VIA is focused on the future with Vision 2040, an update to the 2035 Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan (LRCTP). SmartMove is taking action now with near term solutions to help improve the VIA system today.

Comprehensive Operations Analysis

VIA is conducting a Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) to review existing services and evaluate how these services are functioning in the Greater San Antonio Region. The first step in developing the plan is to conduct a route-by-route study of existing VIA services that explore opportunities to increase ridership and enhance service efficiency and cost effectiveness. The COA will also examine the role of other mobility options and the feasibility of integrating them into the greater service network. The COA will help develop a plan for enhancements to public transportation and mobility in our region.
Project timeline: May 2016 – April 2017

To learn more about the Comprehensive Operations Analysis visit VIACOA.com.

Current Long Range Plan in Action

In 2011, VIA adopted a 2035 Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan (LRCTP) that prioritized transit services and high-capacity corridors in the San Antonio region. Over the past several years, these corridors have seen improved transit services. The 2035 LRCTP also identified short-term transit needs, including new transit facilities at the Grand and Centro Plaza, the Robert Thompson Transit Center, Brooks City-Base, and in the Stone Oak area. The improvements identified in the 2035 LRCTP are being delivered as part of VIA’s SmartMove 5-year plan.

Long Range Plan Update

VIA updates its Long Range Plan every five years with revisions and amendments. This periodic update allows VIA to prioritize and align transit investments to coincide with other regional projects and priorities. Vision 2040 is an update to VIA's Long Range Comprehensive Transportation Plan, which identifies priorities for the public transportation system serving San Antonio and surrounding communities. The Vision 2040 planning effort will investigate the impact of growth in our region and engage our community in a conversation about how transit can play an increased role in supporting our region’s transportation system. Vision 2040 builds upon the SmartMove capital improvements and identifies priorities that will carry us into the future.

To learn more about the update process and stay involved with the VIA Vision 2040 Long Range Plan visit VIAvision2040.com.

SmartMove is a 5-Year Plan

SmartMove is a 5-year plan created by VIA, local and national transportation firms, city officials and the San Antonio community. The plan aims to develop three transit centers, a park and ride facility, and improved downtown patron amenities. SmartMove is part of VIA's Long Range Plan. This collaborative vision will make San Antonio public transportation something to be envied by cities across the country. Our city's future is headed along an innovative path, and SmartMove is how we'll get there.

To learn more about the SmartMove initiatives visit VIASmartMove.com or select from the projects below:

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