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The move is on. More and more employers and their employees are taking advantage of the benefits of using public transportation.

VIAWorks is the Employer Transit Benefit Program from VIA Metropolitan Transit, serving the Greater San Antonio Region.

How can VIA work for you?

VIAWorks offers:
  • An array of transit options in which employers subsidize the cost for their employees and receive a tax benefit
  • Tax benefits for employees who utilize public transportation
  • The ease, convenience and affordability of adopting America’s new way of getting to and from work
  • An incentive to help recruit and retain quality employees
  • A way to help keep workplace productivity and morale high
  • A way for employees to arrive less stressed and on time
  • Reduced need for subsidizing employee parking
  • Positive impacts the environment

Employer Options



For questions, or to sign up to be a VIAWorks partner, call (210) 362-2310.

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