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MARCH 18, 2016

VIA Metropolitan Transit will join public transportation providers nationwide to celebrate Transit Driver Appreciation Day on Friday, March 18.

Transit Driver Appreciation Day began in 2009 as an opportunity to show gratitude for public transportation operators. For hours on end, drivers keep to their schedules, check fares, give directions, announce stops, remember requests, and more, all while maneuvering large vehicles through unpredictable traffic and weather conditions.

How can you participate?

On Friday, March 18, VIA will recognize the agency’s bus and van operators with public displays of appreciation, and urge the traveling public to thank their bus or van driver. Join in!

Say thanks. Let your bus or van operator know you appreciate their service and say “thank you” while traveling with us Friday. Share. Let us know when your bus or van operator does a good job. Share a Facebook or Twitter post using #TDAD and #RideVIA. Or call our Customer Service line at (210) 362-2020 to offer a commendation. Pass it on. Encourage your friends and family to ride VIA on Friday and give their operator a thumbs up for good service.

VIA Bus and Van Operations
By the Numbers

1,030 - Number of VIA bus operators

147 - Number of VIA van operators

448 - Number of VIA buses

146 - Number of VIA vans

23.7 million - Total miles driven by VIA bus operators (FY2015)

4.5 million - Total miles driven by VIA van operators (FY2015)

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