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Centro Plaza

Centro Plaza at VIA Villa, our newest and most unique transit center, opened for service in November 2015. The modern plaza provides a comfortable area for transferring, digital next-bus arrival signs, air-conditioned waiting areas, and a full-service customer service center. Service through Centro Plaza helps minimize travel times and avoid unnecessary trips downtown while maintaining access to downtown destinations. Food trucks will be available during scheduled events and this beautifully designed center will also be used as an community entertainment venue.

Centro Map and Images Click for pdf of Map

Park & Rides

Park & Rides are available with free parking for VIA riders. These locations offer lighted and secured parking during bus operating hours. Some Park & Rides have Information Centers with bus schedules, restrooms, vending machines and staff to assist our customers. Park & Rides are used by commuters going to work, by other riders transferring from one route to another and for special event service. Information Center hours / contact information

Park & Ride Information Center Parking Spaces
Crossroads Y 500
Ellis Alley Y 128
Elmendorf N 50
Randolph Blvd Y 287
University N 200
Parkhills N 225
Blossom N 30

Transit Centers

In addition to our Park & Rides, VIA has staffed Transit Centers. These facilities usually have very limited parking and are used primarily as major transfer stations. We offer enclosed waiting areas with restrooms, vending machines and staff to assist our riders. Information Center hours/contact information can be found on our contact page.

Transit Center Information Center Parking Spaces
Ingram Y 81
Kel-Lac Y 46
Madla N 135
South Texas Medical Center Y 123
North Star Y 0

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