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How to Ride VIA

Whether you’re riding VIA for the first time or you ride every day, we want to make the experience as simple and friendly as possible.

Please visit the Rider Tools section for information about using the VIA system.

You can reference some frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers here. These are helpful when planning your trip with VIA.

Rider FAQ

Using Regular Bus Service

How Much Does a Bus Fare Cost?

Regular Bus fare is $1.30 and Express Bus fare is $2.60. Reduced rates are available for children ages 5-11, seniors age 62 or older, Medicare recipients, persons with certain disabilities, active-duty military, and students. Learn more about VIA’s Reduced Fare Program. However, the best value can be found in VIA’s Day Pass, 7-Day Pass and 31-Day Pass.

How Can I Save by Becoming a Frequent Rider?

VIA offers a single Day Pass, 7-Day Pass and 31-Day Pass at a savings for frequent riders. A single Day Pass is $2.75 and is good for unlimited regular bus service all day. A 7-Day Pass is $12. That’s about $1.72 per day. And a 31-Day Pass is just $38, or about $1.23 per day. Customers who qualify for a reduced fare, can save even more. Click here to learn more about reduced fare eligibility.

Fares Full Reduced
Regular Bus $1.30 $ .65
Express Bus Service $2.60 $1.30
Transfers $ .15 $ .07
VIATrans Service $2.00
VIATrans Child $2.00
Special Events Service $2.50 $1.25

How Can I Purchase My Fare?

Single-ride tickets, passes and special event tokens are available at the following locations:

  • Single-ride fares or a single Day Pass are available on the bus. Cash only. Exact change is no longer required; you will be issued change if more than $1 in the form of an e-fare change card.
  • VIA Online Store – Click here to access our store.
  • VIA Information Centers – Click here for locations.
  • VIA has Ticket Vending Machines at Crossroads Park & Ride and Medical Center Transit Center. They accept cash or credit cards.
  • Click here for a list of retail outlets, including most H-E-B stores.

How Do I Plan My Trip?

VIA's Trip Planner is your first stop. The online tool allows you to enter your starting address and destination address to route your trip, with nearest stop locations and the time you will need to be at your stop.

You can also use Google Maps. Enter your destination address and choose the “Transit” option.

VIA’s mobile app (GO VIA VIA) is available at your mobile app store and is great for trip planning. It also provides real-time arrival information by stop.

Third-party apps such as Transit App, MoovIt and TripGo provide up-to-date bus service information. Download through the app store on your mobile device.

How Do I Know When My Bus Is Arriving?

  • Several of our busiest stops and transit centers have Next-Gen digital signs that provide next bus arrival times based on the real time location of the buses.
  • If you’re at a VIA bus stop and need to know when the next bus will arrive, text the designated Bus Stop Number on the bus stop sign to 52020 for real-time information.

Who Can I Call If I Have a Question

VIA Customer Service representatives are available from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday at (210) 362-2020.

Using VIAtrans Service

VIAtrans, VIA’s door-to-door paratransit service provides transportation for persons with disabilities who require additional assistance to board, ride or disembark from a fixed-route bus.

Individuals must apply for this shared-ride program to determine eligibility. Click here to download the application in PDF.

Reasonable Accommodations

To promote access for customers who are disabled, VIA will consider exceptions to existing rules and procedures on an as-needed basis. Please contact us in advance by e-mail or phone at (210) 362-2020 if you believe you require a disability-related accommodation in order to use VIA buses or VIAtrans vans. A complaint process is available if an accommodation request is declined.

VIA Stripes
Chas Grocery & Mkt.
1431 N. Pine Ave., 78298
HEB #1
1955 Nacogdoches Road, 78209
HEB #3
108 N. Rosillo St., 78207
HEB #4
1601 Nogalitos St., 78204
HEB #5
2118 Fredericksburg Road, 78201
HEB #7
415 N. New Braunfels Ave., 78202
HEB #8
300 Olmos Drive, 78212
HEB #9
735 S. W. Military Drive, 78221
HEB #10
2130 Culebra Road, 78228
HEB #11
400 Valley Hi Drive, 78227
HEB #12
18140 San Pedro Ave., 78232
HEB #13
4100 S. New Braunfels Ave., 78223
HEB #14
6839 San Pedro Ave., 78216
HEB #16
721 Castroville Road, 78237
HEB #17
12777 IH-10 West, 78230
HEB #18
1520 Austin Hwy., 78218
HEB #19
6580 FM 78, 78244
HEB #20
2929 Thousand Oaks Drive, 78247
HEB #21
3323 S. E. Military Drive, 78223
HEB #22
1015 S. W.W. White Road, 78240
HEB #23
5803 Babcock Road, 78240
HEB #24
6000 West Ave., 78213
HEB #25
7951 Guilbeau Road, 78250
HEB #27
8231 Marbach Road, 78227
HEB #29
9900 Wurzbach Road, 78230
HEB #30
5601 Bandera Road, 78238
HEB #31
8503 NW Military Hwy., 78230
HEB #33
14087 O'Connor Road, 78247
HEB #34
6030 Montgomery Road, 78239
HEB #35
5000 San Pedro Ave., 78232
HEB #36
7010 S. Zarzamora Street, 78224
HEB #37
9255 Grissom Road, 78251
HEB #38
11551 West Ave., 78213
HEB #41
10718 Potranco Road, 78250
HEB #43
999 East Basse Road, 78209
HEB #44
12018 Perrin Beitel Road, 78217
La Fiesta Super Market
4107 Blanco Road, 78212
La Fiesta Super Market
6050 Ingram Road, 78228
La Fiesta Super Market
448 Castroville Road, 78207
La Fiesta Super Market
7002 Marbach Road, 78227
La Fiesta Super Market
3414 Nogalitos St., 78225
La Fiesta Super Market
6103 Pecan Valley Drive, 78223
La Fiesta Super Market
5103 S. Flores St., 78214
119 E. Commerce St., 78205
Mail in the Mall – South Park Mall
2310 S.W. Military Drive, 78224
4081 Medical Drive, 78229
San Pedro Food Mart
5407 San Pedro Ave., 78212
Little Corner Store
4823 Blanco Road, 78212